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Services For Real Estate Niche Businesses

Elevating Local Brands, Expanding Horizons: Your Success, Our Focus


Welcome to TGFLIP Marketing's Local Business Digital Marketing Services – the catalyst for local enterprises in the real estate sector, including contractors, electricians, plumbers, property management companies, and more, to achieve remarkable growth.


Our comprehensive strategy not only includes tailor-made digital marketing solutions but also amplifies your reach through strategic promotion on our robust social media platforms, providing you with the extra exposure needed for massive expansion.

Our Services

SEO Package

Boost online visibility with Google My Business setup, website SEO, and targeted local map points.

SSM Package (Lite)

Essential social media setup, brand visibility, and basic ad setup.

Video Marketing Package (Lite: Single Video)

Company promotional video creation, including scripts and content branding.

Website Creation and Management Package (Basic)

Affordable, professional website design and management tailored for your needs.

SSM Package (Medium)

Engaging social media management and marketing with Alignable setup and content strategy.

Video Marketing Package (Premium)

Extensive video marketing with multiple videos each month, covering company promos, 3D home showcases, and content branding.

Website Creation and Management Package (High End)

Advanced web solutions with communication strategy, content design, and optional Wix hosting for all high end websites..

SSM Package (Premium)

Comprehensive social media management, account setup, and advanced ads across platforms.

Content Writing Package

Transform your online presence with our package, covering everything from website content to social media, email, and YouTube scripts, all crafted to captivate your audience. 

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