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Our Real Estate Guidebooks

TGFlIP Marketing has one goal: to help the real estate and business communities in whatever way we can.


And to that end, we are committed to educating through sharing useful knowledge and lending a helpful hand. We have successfully released an ebook series called 'Real Estate Community Digital Guidebook,' among other things.


You can get an idea of what to expect and download them here!

Real Estate Ultimate Deal Closing Guide:

If you're still worried about 'how to successfully close a real estate deal,' then The following is the cheat code!

Key Content:

  • Psychological Factors

  • How To Close A Deal As A Wholesaler

  • How To Close A Deal As A Flipper

  • How To  Close A Deal Using Hard Money 

We covered everything about deal closure in this short guidebook, from psychological variables that influence deals to finance. The best part is that this outstanding guidebook is entirely free! Enter your email below and download it now!

How to close a real estate deal.png

Ebook Series Edition 1:

In the first edition of the Real Estate Community Digital Guidebook, we discuss basic real estate investing methods such as flipping and wholesaling, as well as the frequent mistakes that most newcomers make. We also included a digital marketing fundamentals section in this edition!

Key Content:

  • Wholesale

  • Fix and Flip

  • A Blueprint to Success!

  • Common Real Estate Mistakes


Ebook Series Edition 2:

We expand on what we shared in the first edition of the Real Estate Community Digital Guidebook in the second version. We included thorough next-level real estate strategies such as buy and hold, BRRRR, and so on. We also discussed marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing, and so on.

Key Content:

  • Passive Income

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Organic vs Paid Marketing

  • Buy and Hold

  • BRRRR​


Ebook Series Edition 3:

The third edition, like the previous ones, delivers unrivaled information required for financial success in real estate and business. The edition begins with preparing your finances for real estate investments and progresses to exciting subjects such as investing in multifamily real estate! We've also included a digital marketing element to help you grow your real estate portfolio!

Key Content:

  • Loans for Real Estate

  • Important Real Estate Rules

  • Multifamily Real Estate

  • Establishing an LLC

  • How to Become a Wholesaler/Realtor

  • Branding vs Marketing

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-27 at 2.29.25 PM.jpeg

Ebook Series Edition 4:

The fourth edition of Real Estate Community Digital Guide is an incredible addition to the already detailed book series. In this edition, we go down several fascinating and high ROI subjects including social media marketing, developing trust with customers, growing a customer base, and so on. We also offered additional passive income concepts like e-commerce businesses and multifamily syndication! This book is essential for any investor, from a newbie to an expert. So grab yours today!


Key Content:

  • Level Up Your Business 

  • Connecting Through Digital Means 

  • Be Present Where Your Ideal Client is - Clear CTA

  • Real Estate Digital Settlement 

  • Your Network is Your Net Worth

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