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5 Top Video Marketing Secrets That You Need To Know!

Secrets for successful video marketing.



September 15th 2021

Passive Income Ideas & Guide, Passive income ideas 2021


  1. Introduction

  2. First Few Seconds Decide the Fate of Your Video

  3. Videos Boost SEO

  4. Vertical Videos on Social Sites are Better Performers

  5. Collaboration with Influencers and Brands

  6. CTA is Must

  7. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Let’s start with the basics, video marketing is simply using videos for awareness, engagement, and ultimately sales. Along with other digital marketing techniques, video marketing proved to be one of the most effective strategies ever used!

“We tested a video ad against a text ad on Facebook and found that the video got 480% more clicks, was 497% cheaper per click, and cost 280% less per lead.”

This effectiveness of video marketing motivates marketers around the globe to include it in their digital marketing. A study by HubSpot shows that around 97% of marketers believe that videos help customers to understand their products in a better way.

Video marketing involves videos created and directed at buyers at different levels of the sales journey. From educational to product descriptive, the video serves as a medium to interact and deliver messages depending upon what the audience is looking for.

Factors such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Call-to-Action(CTA), and audience precision play a significant role in getting the most out of this strategy.

Now here are the five top secrets for a successful video marketing strategy.

2. First Few Seconds Decide the Fate of Your Video

The opening seconds are the most important part of your video. The average attention span is just 8.5 seconds and if your video fails to get it, then you are lost in the feed. So your target should be bringing the real story and value to the consumer as soon as possible. Your videos’ beginning should highlight its offering and encourage the viewer to view it till the end.

A high-quality and appealing thumbnail can help you a lot in this regard. People are trained to judge a video on the basis of the thumbnail and that’s where you can get them. You can also include a quick CTA in your thumbnail for driving in more traffic.

“Video requires you to get to the meat of your message much faster and by aiming to hold at least 60% of your audience until the very end, you’ll set a benchmark for success.”

3. Videos Boost SEO

Here’s another effective secret for you: Videos do play a role in SEO.

Search engines aim to rank the content that answers people’s problems in a better way. Putting videos on your site adds value to your content and ultimately enhances your ranking over search engines.

“So, for our website in September of last year, having our videos indexed increased organic search traffic by 10.6%.”

Videos not only improve user experience (UX) but also the average time spent on your site. You can utilize different types of videos depending upon the web page they are uploaded to and improve your ranking.

4. Vertical Videos on Social Sites are Better Performers

With the increasing use of smartphones, the optimization of video for them is necessary. Scientiamobile reports that smartphone users hold their phones vertically for almost 91% of their overall usage time! This points out the common usage behavior that marketers across the industries use for better results.

A case study carried out by revealed that the vertical videos have more reach and less cost compared to the same video in horizontal form.

“The VV(Vertical Video) managed to reach 58% more people than HV(Horizontal videos). While the HV managed to reach 103,397, the VV reached a whopping 163,871 people!”

Moving on to the cost comparison, we can observe the clear advantage of vertical videos over horizontal ones.

“Now this is where it gets even better. The cost per 1000 impressions for Horizontal Videos was $0.85 while for Vertical Videos, it stood at a mere $0.52. This means that Horizontal Video ads (which get less exposure) are 63.5% more expensive than vertical video ads.”

5. Collaboration with Influencers and Brands

This top-secret can exponentially boost your site visits, engagement, and revenue instantly. People want to hear about new things from someone they trust that is influencers! Scott Cook, CEO of Intuit, puts this concept in the best way:

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Partnering up with influencers and different brands has really caught pace in the past couple of years as platforms such as Instagram and TikTok proved to be delivering high ROI. The idea of collaboration does not need to be direct sales, you can also focus on getting the visibility or putting out a social message!

“Ninety percent of people today trust peer recommendations over company ads.”

Keeping this in mind, you need to put your message out there with the help of faces people believe in.

6. CTA is Must

Call-to-Action or famously known as CTA should be a must in your video if you are looking for a successful campaign. CTA is not necessarily directed to sales, you can ask people to subscribe, share, like, or even redirect them to more content!

The next thing is at what point the CTA should appear? Well, there’s no hard and fast rule in it. But we are sharing some clear numbers reported by Wistia that would help you decide:

Wistia found that95.9% are placing their CTA at the end of the video. Only4% choose the mid-roll option, and a tiny 0.1% go for the Call to Action up front, pre-roll. Mid-roll CTAs had an average conversion rate of 16.95%, compared with a post-roll conversion rate of 10.98%.”

7. Conclusion

These 5 video marketing secrets are capable of transforming your whole digital marketing strategy into a masterpiece. Learn, experiment, and apply these to get the best results. And don’t forget to subscribe to our email for more SECRETS!


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