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Best and Worst Passive Income Ideas for 2022!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Not every passive income idea is actionable but some can be a jackpot!



August 26, 2022

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Best and Worst Passive Income Ideas for 2022!


  1. Quick Intro

  2. What’s passive income?

  3. Best Passive Income Ideas

  4. Worst Passive Income Ideas

  5. Conclusion


1. Quick Intro

Let's face it, it's 2022, and everyone is searching for practical passive income ideas. However, not every such idea is worth your time and money. Here in this blog, we will present you with the best and worst passive income ideas to work on this year!

But first, let us take a short look at what exactly is passive income.

2. What’s passive income?

Passive Income Definition

One of the most formal definitions is as follows:

Passive income is money that requires little or no ongoing work. It is mainly self-sustaining as a business model; frequently, passive income entails some form of upfront investment that delivers long-term stable benefits.

But, explaining this idea is necessary so that no one develops misleading expectations.

Earning passive income may seem appealing, but it's vital to remember that it could take time for your investments to generate profit. If you need money quickly, try creating a side business or pursuing a high-paying career option.

However, if you have the capacity to see your investment develop and are prepared to put in some consistent work to cultivate that growth, creating a passive income stream can be profitable.

You may have seen these attractive advertisements on social media encouraging people to 'make money while you sleep.' The truth, however, is a bit complicated.

The early phases need consistent work and time to establish the income sources. Once everything is in order and operating well, you can just sit back and earn!

Now that you understand what passive income is, let's get started on the best passive income ideas!

3. Best Passive Income Ideas

1. Start a YouTube Channel!

Start a YouTube channel

It's no surprise that the best passive income idea is to start a YouTube channel! Because this is a proven and concrete strategy that you can implement right away!

It's simple since all you have to do to start your channel is go to, record some videos using your phone, then post them for everyone to view.

But that's only scratching the surface. To truly expand on YouTube, you must make good videos and provide meaningful content, both of which most individuals fall short of.

Let's get down to money!

To begin generating passive income from YouTube, you must be monetizable. That means obtaining 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Don't be concerned about it.

These goals are attainable, but not 'easy'! Regardless, if the averages are correct, it takes roughly 90 videos to reach 1,000 subscribers. The 1000 subscriber level is fairly simple for most people; the real challenge begins with the watch time. (We are also managing the watch time on our YouTube channel right now!) For this, you should make lengthier videos that keep the viewer's interest till the end!

Just for simplicity, let's take the average of $2 per 1,000 views. That indicates that 50,000 views are required to get $100 in passive revenue from YouTube. Not to mention, views from previous videos also count, and this is where the passive issue comes into play.

2. Start a Membership Website!

Start a Membership Website

In case you are unfamiliar with this idea, a membership website is a website that you build and fill with content, and in order for users to view this content, they must subscribe to the website.

You may frequently have to provide free content to offer people a taste of what you have. However, in order to access the premium content, users must pay a monthly membership fee. You can charge subscriptions based on the content type or how valuable it is.

On average, the lowest membership sites cost $5, while the most costly ones cost hundreds of dollars.

So, it's really up to you to determine how much earnings you want each month in order to figure out how many subscribers you'll need and the amount your memberships should cost.

As we indicated in the introduction, this passive income idea requires little effort from you, such as creating content, managing the site, replying to inquiries, and so on. However, another option for dealing with this opportunity is to outsource the entire procedure.

TGFLIP Marketing Agency, for example, is capable of creating, managing, and interacting with users. And, in the future, you may call us to get rid of your load!

3. Start a Print on Demand Business!

Start a Print on Demand Business

This business was unthinkable a decade ago. It recently become popular, indicating that there is still potential for progress.

So, what is this all about?

Print on demand is a technique in which you collaborate with a supplier of white-label items, such as baseball caps or t-shirts, and then modify and sell those things on a per-order level using your own branding and with your own designs.

You don't pay for the cost of the goods until you sell them, therefore there is no need to buy in large quantities or stock up on inventory.

The best feature is that with print-on-demand services, your supplier manages everything after the sale, whether it's digital printing, order fulfillment, or shipping.

It merely takes a few clicks after you've set everything up to complete an order after you've made a sale.

Printful, Printify, CustomCat, and other companies offer excellent print-on-demand services!

4. Worst Passive Income Ideas

1. Content Creation but Zero Marketing!

Content Creation but Zero Marketing!

Producing unique videos, blog articles, eBooks, or any other sort of content with little to no marketing is one of the worst passive income ideas you can consider

Your target audience will not discover your content just because it is available online. Millions of other things are fighting for their attention. And you have to grab their attention through marketing!

That is why we have always prioritized marketing. Your marketing plan might consist of basic advertising or a collaboration with an influencer, but you must distribute your content to a larger audience.

We all know that marketing isn't easy and takes more work than it appears. As a result, we have another alternative for you: you can outsource your marketing!

TGFLIP Marketing Agency has everything you need to promote your content, so feel free to contact us for collaboration or consultation!

The conclusion is that if you're not advertising your content, it's unlikely to generate any ROI.

2. Become a Social Media Influencer!

Become a Social Media Influencer

For many people, the concept of 'becoming a social media influencer' is similar to striking the lottery in terms of passive income. However, this is a common misconception!

Few people see the efforts that go into the content that influencers create every day. It is a demanding task that will never provide a reliable source of money.

Furthermore, when we discuss passive income, we are referring to earnings that do not rely on our efforts in the long run, which you cannot attain as an influencer.

It's also true that many individuals who are highly famous on social media do not make a good living from it, which sends a clear message: Popularity does not guarantee Profit.

6. Conclusion

The following are the key points to remember from this blog:

  1. Passive income is not a quick-rich scheme. You must make some early efforts.

  2. The finest passive income ideas are those that pay off in the long run.

  3. It is not a passive income stream if it requires all of your attention and is entirely dependent on you in the long run!

  4. You must not just develop content, but also advertise that content!

  5. You can always outsource the extra work!


The information provided is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information and/or documents contained on this website do not constitute investment advice. The ROI varies from case to case, and TGFLIP Marketing Agency would not be responsible for any loss carried out regarding this information.


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