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Passive Income: Ideas, Strategies, and A Lot More !

Updated: Mar 3, 2023



May 07, 2021


  1. What is passive income?

  2. Passive income and 2021

  3. Active income vs passive income

  4. 6 top passive income ideas

  5. Sufficient number of passive income streams

  6. Conclusion


1. What is passive income?

As the name suggests, passive income is the side income you earn other than your mainstream job or contract. It symbolizes lesser hard work and you don’t need to keep working on it to produce it routinely.

The advantage of passive income over the active one is that it requires less work and less physical presence of the individual. Moreover, it doesn’t require huge capital to start in. In the blog, we would mention some amazing passive income ideas that you can start with minimum capital.

The concept of passive income is widely driven by the quote “make money while you sleep”. Passive income actually provides you an opportunity to earn money while you sleep. For instance, you can create a blog or course and people can learn and visit it anytime around the clock, and in this manner, you can even earn while you sleep.

2. Passive income and 2021

Covid-19 has caused a disastrous economical upheaval and instability leading many individuals either out of their active incomes or have undergone a decrease. In fact, the crisis put the single-income stream holders in a tight situation. At the very moment, passive income tries to fill up the gap created due to unemployment and financial crisis.

There has never been a perfect time to dive into your passive income career as a beginner. The Covid crisis with the advancement of online technology resulted in a lot of opportunities for every willing person and business. The economists are still confused up to the extend of economical effects produced due to covid and therefore having multiple passive income streams is a plus point for any individual.

A reliable passive income takes a bit of time to develop, however, the efforts invested in it are still far less than the active one. Building wealth through passive income is a great idea instead of saving up for retirement.

3. Active income vs passive income

All income sources play a role in building wealth but without any passive income source is a kind of impossible or unachievable. Financial freedom is connected with passive income.

Active income is generated from efforts and work such as a job that you are doing currently and earning from it. The big thing about it is that you need to continue working to earn from it and the month you stop working on it is the last earning month. This type of income restricts financial freedom and passive income is all there to provide you with that freedom.

You need to invest some time into your passive goal so that your passive income starts to come in after that it continues the flow. You need to remember that it is never a get-rich-scheme, you need to set it up, maintain, and put in a bit of effort in the beginning.

4. 6 top passive income ideas

1. Rental Income:

Rental property investments are also a valuable source of passive income. However, it requires certain initial hard work and considerations.

You need to get initial knowledge of rental properties and investments because without that your investment could be at the sake of loss. Three of the most important things that you need to consider before stepping in are:

Number 1:How much ROI do you want?

Number 2:Total costs and expenses of the rental property on your side?

Number 3:The risk associated with the property.

The risk factor consists of questions like market value of your property, market stability, tenant issues, etc.

Although there are factors mentioned above, once you work them out, you can move on with ease and a steady passive income continues to come in.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

In the rapid era of technology, affiliate marketing is one of the prime sources of passive income. “Affiliate marketers” or “Influencers”(over TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms) generate a huge sum of income monthly through sharing and marketing affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing and influencers work as commission-based. In most cases, every affiliate marketer is provided with a unique sales link and earns a commission on sales taking place through that link.

The success of affiliate marketing depends upon the traffic you are able to convert into sales. Therefore you as a beginner need to develop a traffic source and after that, you are all set to earn.

3. Flipping Retail Products:

Online sales platforms like eBay and Amazon provide the opportunity to flip retail products and develop some extra bucks. The procedure works by finding underpriced products and reselling them at a higher price while keeping the difference.

Online sales are strictly related to demands and user interest. Hence, you need to be updated and keeping up the pace. You need to do a bit of homework on your side before starting flipping products. It is a great source of passive income but in a nutshell, it requires your efforts and participation to work steadily.

4. Dividends from Stocks:

Firstly, describing the term dividends. Dividends yielding stockholders get a regular payment from the company. The amount of payments depends on the company and stocks. The more share you own, the more dividends you can earn from them.

Again there’s an amount of necessary homework in it. The simple thing about it is that you only need to put financial investment in it for once, and after that, it flows in. However, the research associated with pre-investment is all that ensures the success of this passive income source.

5. App or Website Development:

It’s the 21st century and everything is online. Therefore the demand for applications and websites is on hike more than ever. Apps and website development require a one-time basic investment and then maintenance over time.

Such type of development’s success is directly proportional to the value you provide to your users. Keeping in mind the crowded market, you need to stand out and be unique in your approach. After that, more the traffic you are able to drive in, more the income you can generate from ads, paid promotions, and sponsorships.

In short, an initial investment can result in a constant passive income stream through your website or app. But keep the rapidness in mind and update the features so that you continue leading the market.

6. Sell Your Photos and Videos:

There are many websites where you can sell your videos and photos. The increasing demand for digital marketing and especially video marketing produces an opportunity for beginners to sell such stuff and develop a passive income stream.

Selecting a promising niche is going to be a plus point for you if you are interested in this idea. Moreover, you also need to full fill the photo/video quality standards. The more creative you get with your niche, the better it is going to be for you.

There are several chances that companies may hire you personally to produce creative videos for them and that’s going to undoubtedly a benefit for your passive income. Furthermore, through royalties, you can earn constantly from a single video.

5. Sufficient Number of Passive Income Streams

This question is often asked that how many passive income streams are sufficient. Well, that thing specifically depends upon your financial and life goals. Passive income has the advantage that focusing on a new passive income stream doesn’t affect the previous.

Therefore you can put your hands in multiple of them and earn regularly from them.

Of course, having multiple passive income streams is beneficial in long run. The Covid crisis has uncovered the devastating and instant flop of the financial system and we should be prepared for such situations.

There are many living examples of the wealthiest individuals that have various income streams. Therefore wealth goes into their pocket throughout the year regardless of the season.

6. Conclusion

Passive income can be a helping hand for you and make you able to full fill the space created by a 9-5 job. If you are thinking of quitting your job then passive income streams are a great idea. And at the same time, you can do both and still be easy to go.

The only major thing you need to do is to “getting started” because it is the prime step where most people give up. Once you have started it, then you can keep it going just by little and sometimes no vital effort!


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