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The Best Time To Invest: Real Estate And Digital Marketing Hand In Hand!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023




December 18, 2020


  1. Introduction.

  2. The Increasing Pace Of Real Estate.

  3. The Connection Between Real Estate And Digital Marketing.

  4. Investing In Real Estate.

  5. Why now?

  6. Your Strategy.

  7. Special Offer!


1. Introduction:

Real estate is a huge industry and listing all of its success in only 2020 is beyond the scope of this blog. So, starting from a shocking fact.

"The US housing market is worth $33.6 trillion."

(World Property Journal)

The US property market has been struggling for a long time but in 2020, it has reached new heights of growth. It experienced a sudden growth of $11.3 trillion in a very short time and now it is equal to the combined GDP of the US and China!

2. The Increasing Pace Of Real Estate:

Over the last couple of years, the real estate market is exponentially increasing and growing. 

"The value of US homes has increased by 7.2% since 2018."


This data shows the still growing stride of the value of homes in the United States. This isn't it. Not only the value but also the cost of rent has also drastically increased. 

"In 2019 alone, the cost of rent in the US has increased by 66%."

Real estate is the hottest market out there as it is continuously gaining momentum towards growth. The pandemic has already affected it by increasing the price. So it's one of those markets that benefited from the global pandemic. 

"Median list prices of properties have increased by 8% in 2020 as compared to 2019." (

This is something prosperous and positive in the era where every physical business is suffering a decrease. 

3. The Connection Between Real Estate And Digital Marketing:

The internet plays an important role in the world of real estate nowadays. Almost every buyer starts their research for property online. So, both buyers and realtors need to understand and adjust accordingly.

"50% of the buyers find their new home online."


While the internet provides a lot of scope to real estate. From targeting precisely and accurately to virtual tours, all is done using just the advancement of the internet. That's why:

"In 2020, the real estate industry is responsible for 22% of total commercial drone usage."

This shocking fact shows the increasing attention and awareness of buyers towards digital and precisely video marketing. Another similar fact below also reveals the intentions of the market.

"73% of homeowners were more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video marketing."

(The Close)

No doubt, 73% is a big portion of homeowners and nobody wants to miss that out for sure. 

Digitally Marketing your deals and finding clients is much more fruitful and also convenient as more people are turning to research the market digitally for buying a new house. 

"84% of new homebuyers say the information they found online was crucial for their research and decision."


This is the new trend and forum to deal with your ideal customer and to find it. Due to the pandemic, physical interference has drastically reduced but the industries and realtors who manage to transform themselves into digitalization, are no doubt the ones who benefited even during the pandemic.

4. Investing In Real Estate:

"90% of the world's billionaires have become rich through real estate investment." (The College Investor)

The US housing market of 2020 seems to be in a perfect spot regardless of the COVID-19 outbreak. Mortgage rates are low, home prices are stable, inventory is limited, and demand for rental properties is way stronger than before. 

The best part of investing in real estate is the availability of leverage, paying a portion of a property's total cost upfront, and then paying off the balance over time.

Working as flippers is also very productive and beneficial. You can buy a relatively underrated real estate, fix it up, and then sell it instantly using the help of different digital platforms. In fact, this way is quite convenient and more profitable. Flipping would acquire you with a lot of experience in real estate, valuation, marketing, and renovation.

"The average profit on a house flip is $60,000."

(Attom Data)

As a conclusion for insights into real estate's investment, we would say that the real estate industry is such an industry, in which there is profit and potential within the real estate, whether the overall market is up or down!

5. Why Now?

Here we would provide you with shocking statistics regarding why this is the best time to invest?

1. Highest Increase In Value Since 2005!

According to the study of Zillow, in September 2020 alone, property value rose 0.8% that is to $259,906. This is the highest single-month increase since 2005 and this is not done yet, it is still going up!

2. 11% Increase In housing Starts!

The current report from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Census Bureau found that the new housing construction is 11.1% higher as compared to the previous year. 

3. Profit And ROI Are Highest Since 2012!

A recent study by ATTOM Data Solutions found that the ROI and profits from home sales are at the highest point since 2012. The data shows that on average $85,000 is profited from a home sale.

4. Mortgage Rates At Lowest Point In History!

According to Freddie Mac(OCTM: FMCC), mortgage interest rates are at a record low. This means a homebuyer as compared to the previous year can afford $33,250 more.

6. Your Strategy:

Either you want to invest in real estate as a flipper or as a regular buyer or anything else. Here are some points you should keep in mind.

To invest, you need to make a strategy. This strategy would completely depend upon your research regarding your ideal customer.

"The largest percentage of homebuyers in 2019, that is 26%, are millennials."


Millennials: People born between 1981-1995.

The data is no doubt exact. The majority of homebuyers belong to this age group and without any doubt, they are great with research and the internet so, you have to use as much technology as you can if you want them as your clients. 

This means your focus should be on marketing yourself digitally and using video marketing or virtual tours to directly interact with your customer. Also to drive sales to your property, the effective use of social media plays a crucial role.

Social media is the platform where millennials or your ideal client spend most of his time, therefore running paid as well as organic ads are significant to you.

You can learn all of these digital marketing and video marketing details from different online courses or you can hire any decent agency for it. The cost of digital marketing is like a grain but it would no doubtfully return a lot! 

7. Special Offer:

You made this far, so here is a special offer for you. We TGFLIP MARKETING AGENCY are here to make your work easier and convenient. With 7 years of experience in real estate, we would design and curate a perfect digital and social marketing strategy for your property. Not only this, we have a Facebook group too where you can network with buyers and other property owners. So what are you waiting for, shoot us a message!


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