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How to find leads for real estate using digital marketing?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023



April 29,2022

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How to find leads for real estate using digital marketing?


  1. Digital marketing & real estate

  2. Who’s your ideal client?

  3. Establish visibility across the platforms

  4. Show consistency

  5. Build the BUZZ!

  6. Conclusion


1. Digital marketing & real estate

Real estate, like any other business, has seen an increase in the importance of digital marketing. If you want to be successful in real estate, you must be incredibly competitive, thus you must always stay on top of all the current trends.

Not only buyers but also real estate developers think that digital marketing is the best and most efficient way to generate leads. According to the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) latest Home Purchasers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, all generations of home buyers start their home search online. This implies that in order to establish a strong reputation and close more leads, real estate agencies must improve their real estate digital marketing strategies.

It is critical to have a marketing plan that you can implement on a weekly basis. Having a strategy that simply takes a few minutes to put into action can protect you from sliding back into the loop of seeking a customer again and over. But what should that strategy entail? How do you decide what to concentrate on? We combine four key elements that every effective marketing plan should cover in order to generate steady income.

“Over 90% of US-based real estate businesses own a website where properties are listed, as reported by US housing statistics.”

2. Who’s your ideal client?

The first step in execution is finding the 'who'! Who exactly are you aiming for?

Connectivity is the cornerstone of this initial step. By curating your audience, you can offer relevant material. There are sellers who are desperate to sell right now, sellers who will sell within the next 1 year, and sellers who will not sell for another 2-5 years. The idea is to provide them with the knowledge that is pertinent to their stage.

Buyers are in the same boat. Categorizing your marketing material by buyer level is critical for lead creation. For example, information for first-time house buyers should cover fundamental real estate knowledge, finance, and so on.

If you try to appeal to everyone in your database with your marketing message, you will be disregarded.

The excessive focus on buyer content in real estate marketing right now is an issue, but if you ask any real estate agent where the majority of their business originates from, they'll most likely respond "sellers and prior clients." So, why is 95 percent of your material geared toward buyers? If you simply target buyers, your marketing will always be mediocre, and you will appear desperate for revenue.

“The digitalization of the real estate industry will bring around $12.89 billion to management software companies by 2025.”

3. Establish visibility across the platforms

Marketing through multiple platforms at the same time is effective. But only if you do it correctly.

You may promote the same thing on each social media, but personalizing your message for each one is what will make it effective. What makes a great tweet, for example, does not make an outstanding LinkedIn post.

So, how can you make your LinkedIn material relevant? You should take a more studied approach by incorporating statistics and facts. For Twitter and Instagram, the use of more hashtags and tagging companies or individuals in your posts are two strategies to enhance interaction on those sites.

The goal is to take a fresh strategy that is focused on the audience. For example, your LinkedIn content should highlight more opportunities for your B2B audience. Instagram content, on the other hand, should be geared toward a B2C audience.

Furthermore, depending on your brand image, TikTok and short video content might help you reach a diverse youthful audience. It all comes down to knowing your target customer's persona and putting out what they want to see!

“95% of realtors use e-mail daily, and 57% use social media apps daily.”

Feel free to contact us if you want us to launch your company on popular social channels!

4. Show consistency

When it comes to marketing, momentum is everything. The ideal digital marketing strategy comprises weekly content as well as promotions for all stages (coming soon, just listed, open house, just sold).

At TGFLIP Marketing Agency, we never make any compromises when it comes to delivering relevant material on a consistent basis. Consistency is critical!

The importance of consistency in your digital marketing is to ensure that your brand has a distinct, instantly recognized identity and that it consistently satisfies the standards that your target audience has grown to expect. If you're unsure about who you are, your consumers will be as well.

But we understand how difficult it is to create material on a daily basis for all platforms, which is why we are eager to assist you. For busy realtors, our monthly management services save time!

Let's connect to save you time and enhance your content!

“67% more leads will be generated by companies with an active blog this year.”

5. Build the BUZZ!

Before even listing the property for sale, you may generate interest with a "coming soon" campaign, because everyone desires to be the first to hear about anything, especially a possible new home.

Giving your email list first access may even result in the house being sold before it is listed, and it may start a dialogue about what possible buyers in your database are searching for. Your database will be grateful for the opportunity to have a sneak peek as well.

Similarly, you may begin the "just listed" marketing as soon as the house hit the market. This campaign should include the property's exclusive details, any possible deadlines, and, most crucially, a Call-To-Action Button! Sending customized tour videos, property updates, and so on establishes the foundation for your audience's engagement in your future efforts.

“90% of consumers find custom content useful, 78% believe that companies behind content are interested in building good relationships.”

You may even contact us if you want us to create tailored marketing for your real estate company. Emails, viral social media content, promotional blog entries, and much more would be part of our campaign!

6. Conclusion

We covered some of the finest techniques for generating a steady supply of new clients in this blog article. We attempted to combine all of the fundamentals of lead generation, such as creating trust, distributing promotional material, getting to know your clients, and so on!

The efficiency of a marketing effort is primarily determined by how well-tailored it is! As a result, by combining all of the methods mentioned, you can create an ideal marketing plan for your company!

Or, contact us and we will do it ALL for you!


The information provided is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information and/or documents contained on this website do not constitute investment advice. The ROI varies from case to case, and TGFLIP Marketing Agency would not be responsible for any loss carried out regarding this information.


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